Shopping in Europe


Who doesn’t love shopping? Everyone of us always needs something.

Europe is a perfect shopping destination, especially for women, who tend to spend hours and hours of aimless walking through the stores. We will take you to the best shopping places in Europe.


Berlin is a shopping city with a great mixture of traditional and modern influences. The German capital offers unique shopping on both flea markets and exclusive boutiques. 

The best shopping center in Berlin is ‘Alexa,’ located on Alexanderplatz this mall is the biggest in Berlin with over 180 different stores.

The ‘Mall of Berlin’ is 200,000 square meters of shopping fun, located in the newest area of Berlin


Shopping in Prague is very pleasant not only thanks to the many shopping centers where you can find shops of different brands offering various types of goods in one place, but also thanks to many specialized shops, such as fashion boutiques, design shops, specialty food and drink shops, streetwear shops, and more. 

Prague shopping galleries are hidden in age-old passages and arcades in the Old Town and New Town. They brim with fashionable boutiques, wine shops, art shops and a plethora of cafes. You will find modern multi-storey shopping malls away from the center in the Vinohrady district and at the end of metro lines.

Centrum Chodov is one of the largest modern malls. Its only drawback is that it is not in the center but with 211 shops to choose from, it is difficult where to start your shopping experience. Equally interesting is Palladium even though this shopping center has only 200 shops. The twenty restaurants make up for this small inconvenience. Palladium is your best choice when shopping in the center of Prague.


Vienna is famous for its chocolate, pastries and wine; but it should not be overlooked as a shopping destination. There is a wide selection of shopping opportunities in Vienna for all the fashionistas out there. 

The most popular shopping street in Vienna is Mariahilfer Straße, often called “Mahü” by the locals. As well as an extensive array of shops, you will find plenty of nice cafés and restaurants for when you need a break to refuel before continuing your shopping spree. Kärntner Straße is another popular shopping street that is well worth visiting. This is where STEFFL Department Store is located; with its nine floors filled with all the latest fashion. There is a terrace at the top of the building where you can enjoy the beautiful skyline of Vienna.

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